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When people feel disconnected from their communities, individual well-being and the well-being of the entire region suffers. Loss of community can result in more crime, isolation, social problems, and a host of other harmful consequences. Community building is a way to increase positive connections and cooperation between people, build stronger, happier neighborhoods, decrease crime, and increase the livability of urban areas. On this page you’ll find hundreds of ideas, resources, and links to help you enhance your own neighborhood in a way that’s fun and makes a difference for everyone in the community.

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Where Hope Lives

Where hope lives is in each one of us. Every time we show respect instead of throwing insults around. Hope lives when we work together to make our communities better. When we go out of our way to be kinder, more compassionate. Politicians show us how NOT to behave. As Americans we can do better.

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Signs of Hope

We are badly in need of some signs of hope in America. We need signs of hope that we can do better as individuals.
Signs of hope that we can do better as a country. We need stories about regular people who are changing their communities for the better. We need to know about folks who may not agree on everything but are working together, proving that when we find common ground we can solve problems.

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