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The menace of bullying takes its toll on kids and adults through intimidation, humiliation, fear, and even physical violence. On this page you’ll find resources that you can start using today to combat bullying at school, on social media, and in the workplace. You’ll also find articles about how to successfully and safely stand up to bullies and change the culture that allows it. Look for stories about people and organizations that inspire hope and create positive change. Join the conversation. Share your ideas. Working together we can put an end to bullying.

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Lunchtime Bullying

Bullying is a nasty bite of reality that too many kids face every day. Imagine how it feels to dread going to school because of the taunts, cruel teasing, insults, and even physical attacks from classmates. To be intimidated and ostracized. To feel friendless. Vulnerable. To sit all alone at lunchtime, day after day.

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