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Helping the Homeless

From simple ways to help the homeless stay warm in the winter, to innovative solutions that create jobs by using materials that would otherwise be tossed in the trash, you’ll discover that there are endless ways to help those living on the streets. Want to find out about organizations and individuals making a difference in the lives of people struggling to survive? You’ve come to the right place. The list of resources grows constantly, with the focus on solving problems and receiving desired results that bring hope and dignity, and changes lives.

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Signs of Hope

We are badly in need of some signs of hope in America. We need signs of hope that we can do better as individuals.
Signs of hope that we can do better as a country. We need stories about regular people who are changing their communities for the better. We need to know about folks who may not agree on everything but are working together, proving that when we find common ground we can solve problems.

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Innovative Ways to Help the Homeless

You’ve spotted a homeless person. Maybe he’s standing on the corner with a cardboard sign asking for help. Perhaps she’s dirty and disheveled, sitting in a coffee shop trying to be invisible. What’s your first reaction? Do you avoid eye contact and turn away? Hand her a few bucks and move on? Look down your nose?

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