Homeless: A Day in the Life – A Homeless Veteran’s Tale


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Do you want to know what its like to be homeless in America?  “Homeless: A Day In The Life” is a harrowing tale of what one homeless veteran goes through in a single day. It’s an engrossing account of his begging, searching through the garbage for his food and anything he can sell, confronting the police, trying to get into a shelter, and staying away from the “bum bashing” violent gangs. 

He drinks secondhand coffee, smokes cigarette butts, begs with a cardboard sign, and sleeps out in the open. You’ve seen him a thousand times, on street corners, sidewalks and stoplights, asking you to help him.  He’s a nameless beggar in a West Coast city, living a life beyond imagination. The homeless are the poorest people in America today, and this book will show you how they live, whether you have compassion or contempt for them.

Homelessness is brutal, and this book pulls no punches as it brings you into the lives of the American destitute.  Homeless: A Day In The Life will change the way you see homeless people, beggars and bums forever, and help you understand the real and deeply dystopian world they live in.  Written by a former homeless writer, this compelling page-turner brings the painful realities of homelessness to life, laying them open for anyone to see. Available on Kindle and in Paperback Prime.

“Someone who’s warm can’t understand someone who’s cold.” – Alexander Solzhenitsyn

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